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Effective medicine provided by mother nature

  • Powerful relaxant

  • Strong painkiller

  • Stress reduction
  • Energy booster

Why CBD?

More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

Range of Products

We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

CBD Capsules Morning/Day/Night:

CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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Cbd oil vaporizer pen retail price

Juice CBD With Koi #1 Experience My Vape



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  • #1 My Experience With Koi CBD Vape Juice. Koi CBD reviews and vape oil. Koi CBD has a huge selection of cannabidiol items, among which the CBD Vape. MCT OIL OR ANY OIL CANNOT BE VAPED. . I've been treating it almost like a normal vape even tho it's got CBD in it. I mostly just wanted to share my experience but if you guys have any advice or anything I'd I can go through close to 1 ml in a day, probably bc the high wattage burns it up faster. I'm looking to switch to a vape juice that's isolated instead of full Anyway, does anyone have any experience with Koi? in hemp. rodance.info koi-cbdmg/ thats the lab test That being said i been using it for my anxiety and panic disorder This is one problem with unregulated items.

    Juice CBD With Koi #1 Experience My Vape

    In any case, I took a gamble and gave it a try. I now mix it with a 3mg Krankberry non-colored. Michael — September 14, Mike — September 14, Leah — September 12, Love this liquid because it can be vaped or consumed under the tongue.

    The flavor is strong tho, a very sour raspberry flavor. Deseri — September 8, Grace — September 8, Adrian — September 7, Kel — September 7, I started with the flavorless additive at mg, which has worked and overall, I really liked it! I would imagine this is what vaping turpentine would taste like.

    I can feel absolutely NO benefit whatsoever. I ordered the mg and cannot tell if there is any active cbd in this at all. Total waste of money. Tamit — September 6, Tamit — September 5, Lisa — September 5, The juice is great! Fantastic flavor, very effective. Margaret — September 3, I like that I have the option to take it orally or use it in my vape.

    Mark — September 3, Michael — September 1, Deseri — August 29, Lisa — August 28, Mick — August 24, Cindy — August 21, Debra — August 18, Mariah — August 18, Dianna — August 18, It really mixes perfectly with my other flavored 0 nicotine e-liquids. I will definitely be ordering more real soon. Domenic — August 17, Kha — August 13, Tia — August 11, I love the CBD juice but had a hard time finding a vape pen that lasted without making my high quality juice taste burned.

    I will purchase again, probably in a higher dosage. Joseph — August 7, Cortney — August 4, Phoebe — August 3, I got the Red flavor, and it has kind of a bitter aftertaste. Cristina — August 2, Arthur — August 1, Jessica M — July 31, Tamit — July 31, Hayden — July 30, Wendy — July 30, Gold has a creamy pleasant flavor.

    I do need to add a few drops of max VG to my Sourin Air to prevent leaks but it does not change the effectiveness. Insomnia is so much better on !! Will be ordering again! Mariah — July 30, Mariah — July 29, Lexie — July 29, CBD reduces and even eliminates my joint inflammation. Tamit — July 29, Dudepool — July 28, They both taste amazing through my Smok Prince tank, and they do the job!

    Blue is my favorite! Tastes like a blue raspberry icee. Green is great, but a little too sour. Gary — July 27, Sophia — July 26, It arrived broken with barely any protective wrapping.

    For an expensive glass product they sure cheaped out on packaging. Claire — July 26, Like it a lot and will be purchase more very soon. Also try to purchase gummies too but always out of them. Nicholas — July 25, John — July 25, Cole — July 25, Its hard to find cbd oil that is flavored. Although i wish it had a tad bit more flavoring added. Tamit — July 24, Jared McLean — July 21, I have tried 2 different flavors from KOI. I am vary happy with them. And will be ordering more soon!

    Jason — July 21, Tanya — July 18, Lenny — July 17, Bobby — July 16, Tastes pretty good under the tongue — not the worst for sure. Tastes great vaping it straight in a Suorin Air.

    Yumi — July 15, It does cal my anxiety though. Martin — July 14, Thank you so much for my koi cbd. Not only was delivery very prompt. Mark — July 12, Sherkedrick — July 11, Pamela — July 11, Amanda — July 11, Kimberly A — July 11, James — July 10, I literally love it so much. Thanks, it is great. It has cured my prostatitis, no antibiotics for 4 yrs now. I have been getting it from E bay, but want to go directly to you now.

    Thanks for the great product. Michael — July 10, Steve Bevill — July 7, Travers — July 4, I am new to CBD Vape juice but so far very happy with my purchase. I did a lot of research before buying and Koi seems to be the to go to brand for quality. Victoria — July 2, Gary — July 2, The juice is excellent. And arrived before scheduled! Kieran — June 29, Works very well for vaping. Under the tongue for me is way too intense.

    I was a little skeptical about whether or not this would work but it really does aid in calming you down. Mindy — June 27, This stuff is good,especially for vape. I would buy again. I bought Koi CBD e-juice in mg to manage my anxiety. Charles — June 22, Michael — June 21, It is still so hard to believe after 25 years of misery and pharmaceuticals when I finally found something in CBD that has eliminated migraines and clusters otherwise known as suicide headaches thank you so much for such good service and friendly staff this is going on the 3rd month and my Texas wife has not had migraine or cluster headache since she started using it thank you so much.

    Michael — June 20, The koi brand that you sell is a miracle to me and my fiance she has faught with migraines in cluster headaches for 25 years at least pharmaceutical medication did not actually work it helped but since she has been on this CBD five hundred or thousand mg depending on what I can afford to get her she has no I repeat no migraines or clusters it is our miracle and thank you very much.

    Rebecca — June 19, Mitchell — June 14, Great vapour production, flavour is subtle and a bit hempy but overall works amazing and mixes well with other ejuices. Can also be used as a tincture for those without a vape. Shawn — June 14, Kathryn — June 14, At 1st i got sent the wrong flavor, the site quickly sent the right one! Canek — June 10, Tamit — June 9, Carl — June 9, Amber — June 6, Daniel — June 4, Charlemagne — June 1, I love Koi E-Liquid.

    I have tried the Blue, Strawbery Milkshake, and Caramel flavors. One just seems tastier than the other which each new one I choose. I use the MG to vape and it helps with my anxiety and depression. Rhonda — May 30, I love cbds E liguid. I use it for pain. My daughter uses it for pain.

    The taste is good. I have used it for months. If you have not tried it you should. Connie — May 29, James — May 27, Maureen — May 25, I highly recommend this product to anyone who suffer from pain, anxiety and depression.

    This stuff is awesome!!! Michael A — May 23, Mick — May 22, Great quality, fast shipping. White leaves no earthy, grassy taste when mixed with other vape juices. Jeremy — May 20, Ordered Saturday night, got it Wednesday! Helps deal with everyday stress and body fatigue.

    Only wish flavor was a little stronger. German — May 20, Jeremy — May 18, This is thee Best product I have ever used! I have a 10mm bulge with tear and narrowing of the spine, Im scheduled for surgery to fix the site however this has helped me tremendously. Susan L — May 16, I love this stuff. The only thing that makes my pain go away. The flavor is outstanding and I love that you can add in a smoothie or drink as well. Adex — May 13, Honestly, the product itself is great, the flavor is fantastic… Just wish the packaging were a tad bit… Sturdier?

    Kirsten — May 10, Sheyenne — May 9, And I use the mg bottle. Troy — May 9, Ashley — May 8, It helps a lot with anxiety, depression, nausea, headaches, as a mood lift, plus more. Michael — May 8, Brian — May 7, Over priced for how little it does… mixes in my tfv8 well. Daniel — May 5, Very happy with both the product and service of these guys. Bit under 2 weeks shipping to Australia but good prices, definately will be a regular customer here.

    Tamit — May 5, Best cbd oil Thank you for the quick and easy service!!! Cbd vape juice are great store. Matt — May 4, Heather — May 3, Maritza — May 2, This is the second different CBD oil I purchased. Thus far, I really like this one way better. It taste good and has helped with my pain. Sidney — April 30, Francois — April 30, Amir — April 30, Canek — April 29, Richard — April 28, The Watermelon Green Apple Sour did not disappoint, with the sour tart green apple watermelon twist, its was worth every drag.

    Ryan — April 27, Eli — April 25, Got the Sour Apple Watermelon, and could honestly say I was surprised at how good it tasted. Just a hint of flavour without the common earthy CBD taste you get from these types of juices. Lisa — April 23, Conner — April 23, Great tasting and healthy product. Packaging is discreet and professional.

    Very satisfied with this product. Eric — April 23, Pretty nice stuff got mg blue and I was it in my juul pods and vaped it and also just dropped it in my mouth I went to top golf and put a half of dropper in my mouth and I was there for 5 hours and for 3: Tara — April 23, I was very happy with the cbd oil I received.

    I will definitely be buying more from this website. Rose — April 22, I bought a mg bottle and i bought this to help me with my insomnia and my acne and I probably shoudve gotten like a mg version because I dont see much of a difference but the juice tastes great and i even received a Kush Cake that I didnt ordered but i appreciated it for the !

    Joshua — April 17, I ordered mg of the Gold flavor and it works great and tastes great too. Would definitely purchase again. Haley — April 17, Anna — April 17, Got the blue one at mg and I love the flavor. Although definitely have to get at least mg next time. Michael — April 16, Kath — April 14, I have been taking the Koi mg for a week now.

    I take it sub lingually and a small amount mixed into my vape juice. I started off very slow as was a bit apprehensive as of yesterday I am taking 15 drops over the course of the day for anxiety and depression and to help with rheumatoid arthritis.

    I had a very traumatic event almost three years ago and while I am not expecting this to be a miracle cure for my emotional baggage it is most certainly helping, will be buying again.

    I have stress related trauma seizures and regular epeilpsy and other issues and am on a lot of meds, it has Helped so much so far I hate being controlled by the pharmaceutical company. Robert — April 12, Taste was good but it burned really quickly. Still a good choice as my first cbd juice. Kenneth — April 7, Dylan — April 6, I am thoroughly impressed with this purchase. If not for the CBD effects, the flavors are outstanding! I had purchased the lowest content of CBD and it works very subtly on myself, just enough for what i needed though.

    The blue raspberry dragon fruit is a wonderful flavor in and of itself as well! I would purchase again, thank you. Jenny — April 5, Brian — April 4, Baron — April 2, Conner — April 1, Canek — March 31, Richard — March 31, Amanda — March 30, I have severe chronic gastritis.

    I was nauseous and vomited just about every morning when I woke up. I also could go all day and eat little to no food at all. I am eating better and feel better. I drip it under my tongue when I wake up and put 20 drops in my vape and add my favorite vape juice to it.

    I ordered the mg next and not having to use as much so it may last 30 days. It came in the mail in 3 days. I love Blue Koi and this company. Product is great, free shipping, and not as expensive. It also works great for my Attention Deficit Disorder, migraines and my anxiety.

    Dale — March 30, I would recommend this for anyone who might be experiencing pain of any kind and especially if you vape. I have been using it daily for around a month now and it has helped my cronic head aches that I have been experiencing from youth due to a head injury that I sustained from an auto accident.

    David — March 29, Paul Veverka — March 29, Morgan — March 28, Been using koi for over a year. I have used other cbd vapes since than and this is still my favorite. Highly reccomend gold and red koi. Conner — March 28, The watermelon flavor is very noticeable but not overwhelming and there are only hints of sour apple. Juan — March 26, Clint — March 26, The koi was really good. Relieved my anxiety and taste great. Loved the fast shipping that was free to.

    Patrick — March 23, Stephen — March 22, Kristine — March 22, Oscar — March 21, Justin — March 19, Jessica — March 16, Alicia Alexander — March 16, Canek — March 14, Matthew — March 14, Mike — March 13, Yusef — March 13, Samantha — March 13, I am not sure if it works for its purpose.

    Leslie — March 13, DMontae — March 13, Angela — March 13, Joshua — March 13, Jennifer — March 13, Its a great flavor and brand. Cbd helped with back pain and anxiety. I am going to buy this again. Daniel — March 12, The cbd juice works really well!! I was honestly surprised how well it helped with my chronic pain!! I did find that using it under my tongue helped my pain more than vaping it. I bought the koi blue raspberry Dragon Fruit and I must say the flavor alone is worth vaping!!!

    Fischer — March 12, Jason — March 3, Kari — March 3, Gleanna Tompkins — March 2, After trying two different flavors from another brand, I decided to go ahead and try Koi. Man, what a difference in flavor! Not too sweet and that pop of tartness from the sour is pretty nice. Kimberley — March 1, So glad that us there. Overall, the website is very easy to use. I love all the products offered.

    Koi is my favorite vape. I like pink and white. Stan — February 28, Thomas — February 28, Samuel — February 28, Would be good to put in the description for noobs like me. Wesley — February 28, I dont know what I was expecting from CBD oil. It didnt help with my pain,didnt help with anxiety,didnt help with appetite and it didnt help with inflammation.

    Cant really say much more than its price is to high and the taste is 5 of Hope this helps someone from wasting there money. Conner — February 26, Product both tastes great and produces thick clouds. Along with being a healthier alternative to nicotine containing vape juices, Koi CBD provides smooth pulls and a mellow, relaxing effect. Jeremy — February 19, Amy — February 19, Wassim — February 14, Canek — February 14, Jeffrey — February 14, Anon Amos — February 12, I went with the pink lemonade.

    I am so glad I started out with KOI. Poor flavors, weak clouds, ruined clearimizers and coils. If you are wanting to start vaping CBD. Everything else is weak and a disappointment. I said I love it, right? The built-in USB charger should allow you to charge the device anywhere without needing a cable or a separate charger.

    And kind of unique to be honest. Plus, the stick is extremely light and compact in shape, so I carry it with me now to a lot of places.

    It feels good knowing that you can have your daily dose of CBD without over-complicating things. Yup, you guessed it right! You consume these gummies like how you would with your favorite brand of candy. You can take 1 gummy, up to 3 times every day or as needed.

    Keep a few handy just in case if you feel the missing flavor in your mouth. How else do you think? While the flavor is excellent, and so is the packaging, I have to be honest and say that its effects kind of fell below my expectations.

    Moreover, each pack only contains 20 gummies, so you either have to buy in bulk or just be satisfied having one every so often. Keep this in mind before you place the order, all right? To find out the efficacy of this product, I went off my regular back pain medication a week in advance. Upon applying the lotion in the affected area, I found that the effects were just decent.

    You can check out the best cbd topicals here. Koi Health Bites is the ultimate CBD-infused dog treats that claim to offer equally beneficial results to your canine companion.

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    Koi CBD E-Liquid

    Established in , KOI CBD has soared to the top of the charts and is known as one of the best CBD brands on the market. Read the complete review. Restore Balance Naturally with Koi CBD's 0% THC products; CBD Vape Juice, CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD for Pets and more! If you're looking for safe, hemp-derived CBD with 0% THC to improve your of people that have already experienced the power of Koi CBD and attest to the Get my 25% lifetime discount. Koi CBD is % Natural, 99%+ Pure CBD manufactured in an ISO Certified Lab All; CBD for Pets; CBD Gummies; CBD Vape Juice; Koi Naturals CBD Oil.

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    Established in , KOI CBD has soared to the top of the charts and is known as one of the best CBD brands on the market. Read the complete review.


    Restore Balance Naturally with Koi CBD's 0% THC products; CBD Vape Juice, CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, CBD for Pets and more! If you're looking for safe, hemp-derived CBD with 0% THC to improve your of people that have already experienced the power of Koi CBD and attest to the Get my 25% lifetime discount.


    Koi CBD is % Natural, 99%+ Pure CBD manufactured in an ISO Certified Lab All; CBD for Pets; CBD Gummies; CBD Vape Juice; Koi Naturals CBD Oil.


    Koi CBD has launched with two flavors available in different CBD and nicotine No matter your preference, Koi CBD is a great way to experience CBD vaping in the Koi also has also launched their strongest cbd oil thus far called Koi Naturals, My tastebuds simply preferred Gold Koi. 1comment.


    Koi CBD is one of the best CBD brands, with so many flavors available. Shop our selection of red, gold, white, jade, and blue Koi e-liquid. CBD brands can come up lacking here, with flavorless products that tend to taste earthy and spoil your CBD experience. . One of my customer's sampled some KOI at my Vape Bar.

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