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happy and with 1st user results. the time very



  • happy and with 1st user results. the time very
  • Post Your IELTS Test Results
  • What Happens the First Time You Use Heroin?
  • This pump is for guys who are serious about getting results! Well you will see a big size boost the very first time you use the pump however for the first couple of months any size gains will likely just You'll be happy you did. I hope you did well and are happy with your results . This was my first time taking the IELTS and I prepared for roughly a week prior I practiced extensively using your essay tips and i fully credit my writing score to you. (8) Python Idioms = Happy Coding; (9) Counting to 10 If you know you'll need to use a library that has not been ported to version x, then it may be best to.

    happy and with 1st user results. the time very

    How to build a team that feels like a community with purpose. You want to generate as much of a "we're all in this together" vibe as possible. How to forge mentorship relationships with your reports that feels organic, and is directed by your reports' interests and and growth.

    There's much more in this piece that can help new leaders orient themselves around inspiring happiness, not just productivity. It's the former that will lead to long-term success.

    Read the rest from Guthrie here. Fidji Simo is a prime example of someone who has catapulted up her particular career ladder. Today, she's VP of Product for all of Facebook's video, news and advertising efforts — managing an organization of PMs. When she joined the company six years ago, she was a product marketing manager.

    What accounts for her swift rise? Her employees will tell you it's her uncanny ability to focus. Focus is a critical skill for any new manager to have.

    It's what will allow you to handle a flurry of competing and evolving priorities on top of constant and unpredictable people-related issues. Being able to focus is something you should try to nail down now. But 'focus' can feel like a nebulous term — or an ability that you're either born with or not.

    This isn't so, says Simo, who has very deliberately created systems and mental models to make sure she's always paying attention to what's most important at any given time. In this piece, she shares those systems and models, including the list of questions she asks before initiating any project on her team — these queries make sure all subsequent decisions will match and feed into that project's goal:. What is the main problem this product is solving? Who are the people we are solving this problem for?

    Is this particular implementation aligned with the problem we're solving for? She also talks about how she uses incremental changes to make sure her work stays focused on a moving target — and how she uses very intentional alone-time to create clarity and intentionality in her own work. Simo blocks off between 30 and 60 minutes on her calendar every Monday morning to ensure that her actions are aligned with and supporting her intentions.

    These weekly clarity meetings have a set agenda: Check that your personal priorities for the week still align with those priorities. Check for any new information or data that requires a shift in priorities. Check priorities against your time allocation, meetings and commitments that week. Make any adjustments to your calendar to better reflect your priorities. Note any priority adjustments that impact or need to be communicated to your team. In this piece, she also goes into depth on how she creates the ideal conditions for focus, including the actual language she uses to delegate and deprioritize work so she can hone in on what's really important, how she avoids distractions, and how she purposefully builds buffer time into her schedule.

    Read all of this advice and more from Simo here. Less than two years later, it was acquired by Dropbox. And this wasn't an anomaly. They'd done it once before, selling Ksplice to Oracle just as fast. Today, she's CTO and Founder of a new stealth startup. This wild ride has given McKellar a more diverse set of management opportunities than the average engineer ever sees — she's been a team lead, a founder, a technical leader at a massive corporation, and manager of dozens at a rapidly growing global startup.

    She also gave us one of the best interviews we've ever done on how engineers can make the sometimes rocky transition into management. In it, she walks through the components of how to be truly supportive to a team of people: People's day-to-day and their year-to-year.

    And as a leader, you can shape their experience on both to help them find a trajectory that meets their goals and your needs. McKellar talks about how she's set up focused time to help people think through and be intentional about their careers , which in turn has kept them more engaged and happy in their current work. She also describes the best way to get a sense of your reports' capacity , and how as a manager, you can evaluate the way people are working to spot possible efficiencies and tweaks that can help them accomplish even more.

    One of these tweaks is helping people develop into local experts on particular problems or features so that they can answers others' questions while increasing their visibility in the organization. Others have to do with the environment you create for people to work in, understanding what specifically motivates each team member, and designing check-ins that will accelerate mutual understanding and make people feel safe. But, perhaps most importantly, McKellar supplies a lot of empathy for new engineering managers who might feel out of their element.

    Read this story if you're feeling particularly alone in your experience. Get all of McKellar's wisdom about making the jump from engineer to manager here. After steering his way through multiple engineer-to-manager transitions, he's now doing his part to shepherd developers into their first leadership positions.

    He's collected this knowledge into a day plan so that others can follow his lead — learning to set their priorities, gain their footing, and assess their own performance so they can grow fast and start empowering others. Here's a brief overview that doesn't do his plan justice:. Realizing the inevitable truths you need to accept upfront he inventories them here, including saying goodbye to coding, that your growth now requires other people's growth, and that you have to trust people in order for them to trust you, etc.

    Very well done with your score! Even a native speaker will not automatically be given 9 in writing. This was explained on this page: As for part 3, it is a discussion. This means the examiner might let you talk on your own or the examiner might challenge you or ask for more information and examples.

    That is a natural part of the discussion. Examiners do this is probe the level of your English — it is a good thing. You are absolutely right about having confidence and knowing what to expect when you enter the test room. Fumbled a bit in Writing due to not managing my time well. While I do have some relevant background, the credit for the great scores goes to you Liz!

    You do a great job here! Your Speaking pages were especially a great boon. Hi Liz, I appeared Ielts academic on 11th august.

    I cant thank you enough for your help. Your website was absolutely a source of help for my writing. You are thorough and updated on your information. My score is L: This was my second attempt and I managed to achieve the desired score this time. I last appeared on the 11th August and I got 6. Thanks to you Liz. All the effort you have put in for all of us here is highly appreciated!

    Well, when i first appeared, i convinced my mind, if i fail, i would reappear the second time. But when i received my results. I needed 7 in writing and got 6. I was kind of disappointed because i did work hard the first time.. This was the first time i tasted failure.. And trust me, it tastes no good. So i made up my mind to reappear again. And this time, i convinced my mind,that this is it.

    I am not going to fail, will give my best and yes, thinking positively and not having second thoughts does help. My advice to you guys, if you have the time and resources to reappear for the ielts exam, do so within a month or may be 2, because everything you have learnt is still fresh and you can concentrate more on the module which you didnt fare well the very first time.

    It worked for me. You will succeed one day. Forgot to mention the centre.. Cork English College, Ireland Academic. Following were my scores ;. Although I was not happy with my writing score, I had a gut feeling that I deserved at least 7.

    Straight away after receiving the Test Report Form, I applied for revaluation for the writing module. I could not control my happiness when I received the revised Test Report Form. I am currently working as a postdoc. I was a bit lost at first as to where to start, but then I chanced upon your blog.

    I found your writing videos to be very useful and I consider buying them as a very worthy investment. Here are my details: But manage to hit the threshold of 7. I think, writing is one area which needs a lot of practice.

    Moreover, we need to follow the prescribed pattern as well. Rest all sections does not need as much focus. I did few mock tests for LR and was pretty confident to get max score. It really needs careful preparation to understand the aims in relation to the band scores.

    This site was really helpful to me during preparations. As I did not have access to books, I mainly depended on online resources to prepare for the exam. Listening was a piece of cake for me. I watch a lot of English movies so i was fine with it.

    These questions made me confused in the exam too. As i was running out of time, i used the elimination method for matching questions. I messed up my writing for a bit. I had understood the task 2 question differently. I realized my mistake in the last five minutes of the exam and did everything i can to fix the essay. I answered questions in task 1 and 3 with some repetition and hesitation.

    It was in task 2 that i made some major blunders. It was a pretty easy topic and i knew right away which event i was going to speak on. However, in the middle of my talk, i stopped suddenly and got nervous.

    The pause was so long that it only made my mind blank. The examiner was prodding to speak more. In the end, i spoke something about another event. I believe that it was my performance in task 2 that mainly brought down my score to a 6.

    Speaking does require a lot of confidence. Some times it takes more than one test to nail it. I had only 10 days at hand for preparation after GRE and I watched almost all your videos. Thanks a ton for such great guidance. I applied for a re-mark and received my new writing score today, which is 7, exactly my target score. Just a quick backstory. I crammed for 5 days before the exam because we recently had a family problem that needed to be dealt with ASAP. It occurred less than 5 weeks before the exam, voiding any chance for a refund.

    I took the exam anyway and hoped for the best. Very useful in an emergency situation like mine. Keep up the good work. I wish I had more in writing since I spent a lot of time preparing and I love writing essays, but I wasted time writing the first task 30 instead of 20 min and I ran out of time to write a third paragraph for the second writing task. But following your brilliant lectures and advice, I did write a conclusion!

    You explain everything very well and in such a way, as to make things simple and easy to remember. Thank you a lot! PS I had suddenly such a bad headache after the listening and reading comprehension that it was really hard to concentrate on writing brainstorming ideas and speaking I happened to be in the very fist group, right after the written part.

    It was annoying not beeing allowed to take a purse, or a chocolate bar, or pills into to exam room. But having no break is even worse. Given the conditions, your score was brilliant!! My test results are as follows: This was my Fourth attempt and my scores are L-8 R My speaking test went well and I answered all the questions including Cue Card appropriately.

    Just in one or two questions, I asked the examiner to repeat the question. Do you think this could be a reason to score less. In my last two attempts i got 7. What questions on the cue card? There are NO questions on the cue card at all. Certainly you can consider a remark. But if you need to take the test again, you will have to review your understanding and aims of the whole speaking test.

    Thanks for replying back Liz. She was actually not louder. Is that the reason I got less marks? I had already applied for remark. Please wish me luck to hit band 7 in speaking. Waiting for Revaluation results. There is no reduction in marks for asking the examiner to repeat the question. Understanding is not a marking criteria. In fact, it is a good say to gain thinking time and it is recommended to do this from time to time in the test. Your score is based only on the range of English and accuracy that you produced in speaking — nothing else affects your score.

    I took the IELTS test last 25th of August with only three days to prepare in order to fulfill the conditions of my postgraduate studies offer in Counselling Psychology.

    Here are my scores:. I found myself going quickly through all the tips and tools from your site with the three days I had to prepare. By the way, I am currently a stay at home mother to two young ones—needles to say, it had not been easy finding the time to review! Saw my score today Listening: I did subscribe to your paid content and it paid off. Excellent explanation and easy to follow. My results are as follows: Still, I got 8,5 in listening and 6,5 in writing, which makes me think that the listening is the easiest part of the test in comparision to the real world situations, while the writing demands quite specific skills and is more about a proper technique than everyday abilities even in the academic environment.

    Anyway, it took my about 6 weeks of quite intensive work to prepare to IELTS and I assume I would get Overall band 7, sitting the test with no preparation. The reading seems to me the only part which can be done with no specific training, but maybe it depends on an individual. I want to thank you for the immense effort you put in this site and wish you all the best in the world!!!

    I have written ielts a number of times and kept getting nothing more than band 7. I was introduced to your website by someone I met when I went to pick up my test result. I started following you and read all your tips and in less than a month, I got this result. I am a physiotherapist from Nigeria. Thank you for changing my life. God bless you Liz. Here is my result: My exam was on the 18th of August. Your website was more than helpful for the 4 skills, it was particularly helpful for writing.

    I already applied for a remark last friday. Do you agree or disagree? My introduction was exactly the way I had learnt it on your website, a paraphrased background statement and my thesis statement in which I agreed.

    First body paragraph, my main point was that wearing uniform portrayed professionalism and credibilty. Gave examples of airplane crew and the likes. Third body paragraph, main point was that more money will be saved when have uniform.

    I made sure to flesh out my body paragraphs with relevant supporting points and examples, and I definitely wrote more than words for Task 2 and more than for Task 1. I also used the little time left to read through both Tasks to correct any errors I might have made. Buh I dont think this slight error could be so significant to warrant such mark.

    I was surprised at the mark, I gave more time to practising writing, and I wrote at least 2 essays a day for about 2 weeks.

    I was even very confident of a good band score after writing the exam. What do you think my chances are please? Thank you once again for all the lessons and tips. Well done with your listening, reading and speaking score. About your writing score. This means that directors, managers and vice president as well as cleaners and other staff of a company must all wear uniforms. Most uniforms are for people in a certain position and in a particular type company, such as an airline.

    I got a feedback from the remark of my writing score! My score was upgraded to 7! Thank you for pointing out the possible errors I made.

    I got my my results yesterday and it was as follows: I do not know in the world, on how to thank you for the most comprehensive blog on IELTS which I have ever come across. I desperately needed a score of 8 for Listening and three 7s for the rest, for my requirement, and I gave it all to achieve it hook or by crook!

    I was so lucky to come across your blog which I clicked on a YouTube link accidentally. The way you teach and deliver the lectures, reminds me of my Grade 1 class teacher at school, who I adore the most to this date and is one of the best teachers I have ever come across, and you are right up there. By going through your blog, and browsing the rich content, it is a vivid display of your pure passion for teaching and helping out people to reach their desired IELTS results. Speaking — Part 1: I spoke about Wi-Fi technology.

    Do you think we have become slaves of technology? Speaking for two minutes can be hard regardless how fluent you are in English. I did a couple of run-throughs the day before.

    MCQs — This is a devil! I got a MCQ in section 3. Practice MCQs as much as possible! Maps — Watch out! Practice this section as well since it can be very tricky! At the Start — When the instructions were given to turn over to section 1, what I did was I straight away went to Section 4, and quickly spot the blanks which should be filled, underlined keywords, circled the verbs watch out for synonyms and double underlined the instructions, since the time given to go through the questions in Section 4 is extremely short as compared to Section 1.

    So it took me around sample tests to figure it and try this tactic out since my scores were low in the latter sections. So I started with section 4, 3, 2 even when the sample answer of the recording was played and quickly switched to section 1 when the sample recording was about to end!

    But I advice to do this only if you have plenty of practice and confidence. I did more than 10 listening exams papers. Guessing and common sense — If you missed an answer or is not sure which one is correct of two possible answers, just guess it or use logical thinking, and mostly the first answer you guess can be the correct one and not the second option this of course depends on the question and test taker!!!

    Best example that happened me was at the actual exam, I was swaying to and fro between two possible answers in a table completion question and the last minute I used my common sense and read out the next sentence after the question, which the answer should be filled, just to check whether it sounds right.

    Transferring answers — Be super careful! I messed up twice in two practice tests! This is very tricky, particularly in, flow charts and table completion questions!. So do not rush in the 10 minutes , use at least 6 minutes to check and transfer the answers accurately and legibly. Speak to yourself softly and read out the question number and the answer when you write on the answer sheet, it helps you to be in your zone and do not worry if others spot you as a weirdo.

    Let them, because you are here to nail the exam! The usual tips on scanning and skimming. Underlining the instructions 3. Reading the questions first and then go to passage to hunt for answers.. Ticking completed questions — I always ticked the completed questions on the paper since, you might accidentally refer to an answer for a question which you have already completed since your answers are written in a different sheet, unlike the Listening test. So this will be a big cost on your time!.

    Always keep on ticking! Stop praying and hoping that these question would not be in the exam, and practice the technique of conquering it. I was very weak on the reading section so I had to do a lot of work, so practice is the key! Qs — Task 1 — Formal letter to sports club manager reporting on a problem in the washrooms. State what the problem is. State that you have already lodged a complain before and tell what happened.

    What would you want the management to do? Task 2 — To what extent do you agree that every employee should wear a uniform at their workplace? This was the area which I was really scared of, since I did not have enough of time to proof read a single word! I also got to know that the answer scripts are scanned and are sent to the the UK for marking, pulling my confidence level to ground zero.

    Luckily the result for writing was on the dot. When the invigilator, collected Task 2, the answer sheet for Task 1 was right in front of me and saw a couple of silly grammatical errors in some sentences.

    So time management is key! Try not to write too much since it will eat up on your time to re-check your work. So it good advice to have it checked by an examiner and always time your work. Practice on a sample answer sheet is very important since it will give you the idea of how much you need to write to fulfill the word requirement. Having said, I am pretty sure there are plenty of errors in this post as well. It is not the school English language paper. Regardless how good you think your English is you are more likely to fall short.

    I almost fell short when I took the academic module 9 years ago. Time all your practice test using a digital clock. In my exam, they used a digital clock and not an analog.

    For me the later was easy to check on how many time I left than subtracting the time, so practice using a digital clock. Try to do most of the practice tests at the same time as the actual test start. For example, if the actual exam is at 1. Condition yourself to the test!!! RELAX the day before the exam. Just watch a movie or something!!! I hope to do the academic module as well , and until then.

    I think people can learn a lot from your experience and your understanding. Thanks for taking the time to help others. Please let me know if you would like these tips published on your own page where more people will be able to read them — here is an example: Hi, thank you for sharing my post Liz, and yes absolutely! Hi Liz , Thank you so much for all the information that you have given through your website.

    This was my first attempt and I followed all the tips from your site. Thank you , your posts are very helpful. As far as my preparation is concerned it took me around 45 days to fully prepare myself.. For the first days I got myself acquainted with all the question types and format of paper for different sections. I just followed your website for Listening, Reading , Speaking and Writing. This continous practice enabled me to overcome my weaknesses.

    I hope that your health is under control and is improving. I truly pray to the Almighty for your physical well being. Liz, you are doing an amazing job and your website has all the content that is required by an amateur as well as those appearing again for improvement of band scores in IELTS. I have been following your website for long and had appeared for the test number of times.

    I was always scoring above 8 in Listening and Reading but my Writing or Speaking were letting me down by 0. Key over here is also to look for synonyms. In Speaking, practice as many topics as you can from this website, speak with confidence. One can stumble a bit under pressure but that is known and consideration given by the examiner as well. First and foremost, responding to all pointers is significant in both letter and essays. Paraphrasing in introduction , number of paragraphs, each paragraph should present clear views, usage of linking words etc are also very important.

    Liz, again, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for this wonderful work you are doing and wish you stay healthy and keep on helping all who wish to appear and do well in IELTS.

    Very well done — a great score!! Dear Liz, what happens to you? Good to hear that you are improving, albeit slowly. Too busy to really prepare for it this time. I have already purchased 2 of your writing videos. I will buy the last one to support your and your fantastic web site! I am really grateful for your tips, especially for the advanced writing videos — they helped me to achieve the score I needed!

    My overall band is 8. Thank you so much for providing these helpful tipps, your page made my preparation much easier and it was a great source of motivation! I would like to say thank you very much, Liz, for all of your tips, content and advanced lessons.

    They were a great help to me. I am IT professional working in Canada. I was so nervous in the test that I only wrote the introduction in first 25 minutes of my writing exam, I finished writing in the last minute.

    However, I still got the satisfying result. Once again, thank you for all of your efforts and I pray for your better health. I am accountant by profession. Thank you so much for wonderfully organized content on the website. I have prepared for my test from your website and it was immensely helpful.

    Below are my scores: Also I would like to point out that it is important to stay calm when taking exams. If you find it really difficult to calm down like me, you can trying registering for more than one exam. My score area as follows:. I am a Doctor by profession. I would really like to thank you for your excellent tips and training material. I literally studied for just 3 days owing to my busy schedule and I am truly grateful to you for helping us all!

    Thank you for all the practice material and tips available on your website, it was extremely useful. Following are my score details:. Role of sports in unifying and separating the people based on their nationalities and races, discuss both views and express your opinion.

    One topic in my life on which I changed my decision. Thanks again for the videos and tips, it helped me tremendously in honing my English skills thus leading to better score overall.

    Hi liz, thank you so much for all the great lessons i finally somehow achieved my targeted score. I followed your indicated steps thoroughly but unfortunately i missed a point in part1 writing and by then i had time shortage.

    Thank you so much once again. You are an extremely humble person. I finally got my desired score. I had my first attempt july 28th and got L8 R 9 S7 W6 and i was frustrated. However,i came to your website,watched all the videos including the paid videos within a week and did IELTS agian on august My result came out today and i had L8. I just received my results with an overall band of 7.

    My heart is filled with joy as I got the minimum scores needed for each test. Your blog was very helpful during my preparation for the exam. Again, thank you very much Liz and keep up the great work! I am quite disappointed by Listening score. I need some tips how to improve my score as I am aiming for 8.

    However, I am nervous to appear again for the second attempt. I extensively used your website for writing resources for the exams as I was unsure about my writing skills. But thanks a lot for your videos and inspiring talks that helped me score well overall. Thank you so much for your website and videos. I have taken massive advantages of it and here are my band scores. I sat for the exam on 2nd August and got my results exactly 2 weeks after.

    I have posted results once here, but seems it was not approves or not displayed. I am a Software Engineer. Listening- 9 Reading — 8. I was aiming for 8 band in each and have to take the exam again.

    That must have lead to the score 7. As for writing, I actually cannot think why I did not got 8 band…anyhow I will practice more and more. The speaking test is informal and it is a natural way to speak. So, your band 7 score is not due to that. The score for pronunciation is based on your overall performance which means that the odd mistake has no impact on your score.

    Again, this tells me you are not focusing on the right things in speaking. For writing, my suggestion is to get my Advanced writing task 2 lessons — you will soon learn what you are doing right and what you need to change: I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible website, I had only 3 days to prepare and I was really stressing out!.

    Listening — 9 Reading — 7. I referred to your website many a times for my preparation and watched almost all your videos. Great content you have there!

    Some tips from my experience: I spent 25 and found myself struggling to complete task 2. I know I lost at least half a band since I did not leave enough time for it. I have seen many 8 or 9 band videos on youtube using prepared answers and not so common vocabulary.

    Fluent and natural sounding answers will get you a better score than practised complex ones. You lose focus for a second and you lose a band. I never got 8. However, I received my score which I believe is obviously wrong: I got listening 8. I believe I wrote more than enough words on both tasks and clearly stated my points.

    My question is that should I have my score remarked? I read somewhere if one of your other skills is two whole bands higher, you will get an automatic remark in your local test centre. This means that an examiner and a senior examiner have already assessed your test and it is unlikely that a third examiner will have a different opinion… Do you know if this is true?

    Your writing test will already have been marked by two examiners separately and they both agreed on band 5. You posted this comment with an email address. Is that the correct email for you? I will email you an offer of free consultation on your writing if you confirm your email. Hello Liz, My results are out. I scored Listening 8. Thanks alot to you. Your videos, tils, tricks helped me a lot. Especially, the advanced ielts writing videos helped me get 7.

    I was stuck in 6. You are an awesome lady!! I am a licensed nurse working in a national university hospital here in Manila. Evidently, as a frequent visitor to your site, it has greatly helped me get good scores from the test. Thank you so much for your passion in helping others achieve the scores they need.

    I had limited time to prepare for the exam though, about 5days before the exam, i finally had the will to schedule for the exam. And voila, with your help, thank youuuuu!!!! I hoped for better scores, but this shall suffice. Well done with your results!! I am a software engineer. My result is as follows; L: I have been a regular follower of your site since last ten months and finally I have achieved my desired score after so many attempts.

    I was failing in writing and speaking for clb9. Listening 9 Reading 8. I must say that I have followed your pattern of essay writing in my exams as well as in my preparation. This time also I got discuss both sides and give your opinion and I followed the same structure as yours. But your site helped me all. To be honest, I have searched through so many websites on Google ,but I found http: I have read each and every page of your site for my preparation.

    Thank you so much Liz. God bless you always. I watched most of your videos on developing testing skills. I gave practice test available online but never scored more than 7 in listening and 7. Your videos in different type of questions really helped me.

    I owe a lot to your videos and this website! I work as an External auditor. Hello Liz, I just want to thank you for your free materials and advanced writing lessons. It is rare to find a person like you who is generous and helpful. May God bless you with unshakable health. Liz please give me some tips to score more next test which I have booked for sept Take your time to read through the model answers and assess the content of both vocab and grammar: Hello Liz, My wife is a procurement officer; she just checked her results and she got 9 in listening, 9 in reading, 7.

    Thank you Liz for your tips and help. I hope to do well too when I take my test soon. This is the third time i appeared for the exam. I needed a 7 in writing and in my previous 2 attempts i had gotten a 6.

    All other aspects of the test were always good for me. In the first attempt I had an impression that i just had to get a decent score in IELTS and that there was no threshold. I was overconfident about my English skills and thought i could easily score good points. Hence, i only prepared for around 10 hours total with no practice in writing. When i finished my exam i was super confident that i would get over 8 bands in all 4 sections. I had paragraphs in my task 2 with word count of approx.

    I had no clue on the format of writing since i assumed it needed to be addressed in a generic manner with a good flow.

    However, i was surprised when i received my score. I was embarrassed with my writing score and even asked for the remarking of the score. There was no change in the score. Moreover, i realized that i had to get a 7 or more in all the sections and 7. In the Second attempt: I practiced for days in writing and no practice for other sections.

    This time i was very cautious for the exam. Although i had scored well for other sections i was still a bit nervous, because one lack of judgement can ruin your score. I followed a few video tutorials on Youtube for writing practice.

    To add to the lack of practice i got sick just a day before my exam. Since it was too late to cancel i decided to appear for my exam. In the writing section i was not confident in the manner i answered the tasks. I thought i was short on words for Task 1 and for Task 2 whether stay at home mothers should be paid by govt.

    My results for that exam asserted my fears and i Got L: Again, i was short by. For the third attempt i started preparing early. I did no prep for any other sections. I started writing essays a day and reviewing all your videos on writing, especially task 2. This time i was more scared than confident.

    My listening and reading sections were fine and for writing i decided to do Task 2 first Reviewing online, agree disagree.

    I was happy with my intro and arguments, however, i knew my conclusion was not strong. I was happy with my response. This time i made sure i had 5 min.

    To be honest i was still not confident on my writing and was constantly thinking about it. Finally, i received my scores today and i got L: I think i must have scored 7 in task 1 and 7 in Task 2 to get me this score. Regardless, i was very relieved on getting this score. In summary, for the folks who are fluent with English and use them regularly, please stress more on Writing. Practice no matter how confident you are because on exam day you may run out of time, words etc.

    You should also review the structure and format of the tasks. Liz, i want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the videos you have provided. They were helpful and during my final attempt the only material i used to practice were your videos and website.

    Hope you feel better. I was very scared of writing because I always go blank on ideas whenever I see a topic but going through your blog gave me all the tips i needed. However ,i was too scared to even practice it but i was confident with the tips i got here and was ready to face my fears. I am so thankful for your advanced writing lessons. Thank you so much for your great advice. I got my result as follows: I am not getting enough words to thank you for all the useful material and tips you have shared on this page of yours.

    I am a software professional from india. My scores are L 8 R 8. You need to have written over the word count in both task 1 and task 2 2. You must have written a clear overview in task 1 and a conclusion in task 2 3. I really wish to express my gratitude to you. I am genuinely pleased with my results and most of the credit goes to excellent teachers like you. Sorry, there was a typo — speaking score was also 8.

    I am an HR professional and planning to pursue higher studies abroad. I wish I could meet you someday and thank you in person. Thanks to you , Liz!!!!! Overall, I think I did well. I got my score today Test Date: July 28, Center: Thanks for your tips. They really helped me. It was a bit easy. Test center does not have headphones available. At first, I was a little worried. Luckily I was seated in the first row.

    Voice was loud and clear. My tip would be to get information about headphones from your test center. If they are not available, I strongly suggest practicing 2 or 3 using speakers, just to get used to it. Towards the end of this section, I knew I did one question wrong because my pencil nib broke a couple of times while answering previous questions and lost concentration. This one was a bit for us. There were only 4 in the 1st section. Like practice tests, the wording was tough. I read whole paragraphs to understand and answer better, although some people suggest skimming through them.

    Know which one suits you better with practice. One more thing is I was looking at the clock after each section and at 35 min into this test, I finished 3 sections and filled answer sheet.

    I spent 15 min answering the last section and rechecking all sections for 5 min. Letter to authorities on garbage left on the roads Review ratings and opinions about products and services on the internet. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? State your opinion with examples that you faced and heard from Something like that.

    I spent 25 min on the 1st letter should have spent 5 min less. Stupid pencil broke off many times. If you ask me, 20min for letter and min for the essay would be ideal. I was not clear before stepping into the test room, what is an ideal way of speaking.

    Speaker in those videos is Asian. His viewpoint is a little off from my thinking. Anyways, I gathered the sequence and pattern he follows. On the day, I was asked to take a seat I forgot to close the door and she asked me politely to close it behind me to which I apologized 1st few questions were Do you live in a house or apartment?

    Which room is your favorite? Which one do you prefer winter or dry? Cue card was about a place I would like to visit to enjoy the silence. Where did you hear this from? Why do you want to go there. Follow up questions Do you think neighbors should keep sounds low in an apartment? Do you think there should be laws to be followed while living in an apartment?

    I froze for about sec in cue card session. I wrote down something on the piece of paper to construct wording as I speak.

    I honestly thought I have to repeat the test speaking. My suggestion, go with your natural flow but remember some strong adjectives which might come handy during the session. Yes, a natural flow of speaking is essential in the Speaking test. You also highlighted one point which many forget — pencils can easily break — make sure you are ready for this, particularly if it is during your listening test!!

    Thanks a lot for your resources it was of great help. I am a software engineer by profession. I just cannot express how happy I am. This score has really boosted my confidence. I am an IT profession. I followed all the tips you provided across the sections. I found your website immensely helpful and user friendly. Thanks for providing such a great content.

    I used your website extensively for my exam preparation and got desired result also. My result is; L: Overall band score is 8. This was my 5th attempt as I always faltered in Reading and Writing modules by scoring 6. I am so glad to inform you my results that were out on 20th Jul. Nevertheless, I am very happy with the overall outcome and can not thank you enough for the various tips and tricks you have posted on your website.

    I had bookmarked it and applied the methods during my exam! I read your health has deteriorated in the last few years.

    I pray to God for your speedy recovery so that you continue doing the fabulous work here. You are a wonderful teacher! Hello Liz, Thanks to you for such a helpful blog and the YouTube videos! I studied with the help of your videos and scored well.

    My score is- Overall band- 8. I am very much pleased to state that your website really helped me to achieve more than I wanted, specially in writing. I was getting 6. But now after watching your lessons and reading model answersi scored over all 8 in General Training.

    Here is the score L: I am not working at the moment. I took test for immigration purpose. You are such a saviour. Thanks for your suggestions and this great website. I missed my desired score in writing first time, I took you advanced IELTS lessons and it helped me improve my writing score. I am a Network Architect by profession.

    The problem is that my health collapsed and for the last 2. Thank you so much for the tips on your blog. Hey Liz My results have come and here are my scores: I am so happy with my score as writing was something I wanted to improved. Thank you once again. I am a chemical engineer. Very well done getting band 9 in writing!!! I know you worked really hard to achieve that. Was really resourceful to me.

    The scores might not be great but I achieved the desired results. I want to thank you from bottom of my heart for creating such an amazing and free website with all the great tips and videos. I work full time and due to an unexpected project could not devote any time for preparation. I literally studied couple of hours Monday through Thursday for my exam on Friday July 7th.

    With no prior experience or prep, I luckily came across your website as my first google search. I loved your style of teaching and decided to only followed your instructions.

    Post Your IELTS Test Results

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    I was discharged home with a prescription for Percocet, instructed to take . into tears, and for the first time the words “I have a problem” came out of my mouth. . Five year outcomes in a cohort study of physicians treated for substance use.


    Heroin causes a person to feel happy and relaxed, and impairs While intoxicated by heroin, a first-time user may be less inhibited, take of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) may result from heroin use and unsafe sexual practices.


    This is my first time being diagnosed and treated for depression and anxiety. But don't expect instant results. You have major life changes going on and that is enough to mess with anybody's mind I am very happy that you are not . Editorial Policy · Privacy Policy · Terms of Use · Attribution & Citations.


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